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Hotel Stáció save money using renewable energy for heating.

The background

Hotel Stáció opened in august 2006. It is the first four star hotel in the vicinity of Liszt Ferenc International airport in Budapest. Hotel Stació offers its guests a quiet environment with mediterranean terraces, a nice garden and a lake. Hotel Stáció is an oasis, surrounded by family homes and the forest area of Vecsés. In 2011 an extension was built on the hotel, which now offers 75 comfortable rooms including 5 exclusive apartments, a 1.000 m2 wellness area (9x19m pool, jacuzzi), bathing facilites, and 6 conference rooms. The owners wanted to use renewable energy sources for heating and cooling


Hotel Stació has a large demand for heating and cooling, domestic hot water and pool heating. Conferences and other business events increase cooling needs in the summer, as does the demand for hot water for the pool. In winter there is a demand for heating rooms and other facilities, while the conference room can need cooling. The building is well insulated, occasionally making the south-facing areas too hot, while the north-facing rooms could be cold during autumn and spring.

The owners overcame these challenges by installing a NIBE groundsource heatpump solution. 3x F1330-60kW units are installed in the hotel and use groundwater wells as a heat source. The NIBE system produces heating and cooling power while supplying domestic hot water and pool heating.


“The temperature of each room and common areas can be controlled independently, heating some and cooling others at the same time. For us it means great comfort with minimal energy consumption, thanks to the flexible NIBE system”, Says the hotel owner.

Tamás Szép from NIBE’s distributor, Penta-Klíma says, ”This solution demonstrates that heat pump technology is an easy way to manage such a complex task. Efficiency is much higher than a simple heat pump installation. Even in the worst case scenario the COP remains as high as 4.17 with each HP delivering 71kW of heat power, 54kW of cooling power and with a consumption of 17kW of electrical power. However, in summer peak COP can reach 7.0. This considerably reduces the owner’s heating bills while evening out the flow of heating and cooling duties throughout the complex.