NIBE Energy Systems je vodilni na tržišču v proizvodnji ogrevalne tehnike za gospodinjstva v skandinavskih državah, na Polskem in Češki republiki. Njegove stranke prihajajo iz RMI sektorja, (Prenova, Vzdrževanje, Izboljšave) in novogradenj.

Matično podjetje NIBE Industrier AB (s pisarno v Markarydu, Švedska) je registrirano na borzi Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O od leta 1997.

NIBE Industrier je evropska proizvajalka ogrevalne opreme, organizirana v tri segmente: NIBE Element, NIBE Energy Systems in NIBE Stoves.

NIBE Industrier

NIBE is a Swedish company, with its roots in the southern province of Småland and a tradition dating back many years of manufacturing products for both household and commercial use. Entrepreneurship and a passion for doing business, investments in product development and corporate acquisitions have led to significant expansion of the Group, which now has sales of some 11 billion Swedish kronor. NIBE is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Exchange, Large Cap list, with a secondary listing on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Operations are pursued through three different business areas with more than 10,000 employees in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. Each business area has its own operational management with responsibility for profits.